Introduction of Dr. Vinaya K. Singh, Ph.D.

Author of this paper was born in a village of Ballia, UP, India. After completing his Bachelor and Master in Computer Engineering from India, he did his Ph.D. in management from USA. He served as a scientist in Department of Space, Government of India. He is also a recipient of Indian Science Congress Association’s (ISCA) Young Scientist award for the year 1999 of Computer Science section. He has about 30 papers in his credit published in various journals and proceedings of National and International level. He is currently in US and directing an IT company.

Whenever he visited his native place, he got touched by the plight of the poor villagers. Terrible instances that he saw during his visits to India have forced him to indulge into the social work. He has very much involved himself in social welfare of the UP and devoted himself for the uplifting of the poorest of the poor.  He is working on upbringing of downtrodden, poor and underprivileged people of UP. During the time of elections, the political parties make lot of promises. Author of this paper has analyzed the promises that political parties have made in past and assured to follow if they get the majority.

To improve the life style of poorest of the poor, he researched the functioning of various departments of government agencies and organizations. He has come across the loopholes of government functioning and provides his feedbacks in this paper to improve its functioning. The recommendations stated in the paper are based on the ground scenario and real experiences. Implementation of these recommendations may certainly help in improving the conditions of UPaites in general and would pay for their long awaited dues owed by UP government.

Please read the papers:

1) How to transform Uttar Pradesh (UP) into Uttam Pradesh ( Best State): and

2) You Can Make a Difference:

and help author in educating our fellow Indians about true democracy and our long dues to the government of India. You may also want to look into:

3) Glory of Uttar Pradesh (UP):

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5 Responses to “Introduction of Dr. Vinaya K. Singh, Ph.D.”

  1. pegasus Says:

    thank you for dropping by at my blog… its really great to be in the company of such scientist and educated men 🙂
    I hoping to see a lot many more comments and feedback from you

  2. vinay1340 Says:

    Dear Pegasus,

    Thank you for your kind words. I will be in touch with you.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society and its Mission « How to transform Uttar Pradesh (UP) into Uttam Pradesh (Best State Says:

    […] Comments (RSS) « Introduction of Dr. Vinaya K. Singh, Ph.D. […]

  4. Vishal Singh Says:

    Care Village Foundation was founded by young professionals of different fields, in the year 2012 with a sole objective of Holistic Development of Society. It is a registered inter national level Non- Governmental Organization under the Trust Act. It is neither profit making nor political in nature.
    Care Village Foundation is a developmental organization of national repute believes in humanitarian development and facilitating community development initiatives since 2012. Our strategy is to empower the vulnerable sections of the society by building their capacities through Education, Skill Based Training and apprenticeship. We are working for the cause of human development focusing on the less privileged sections of the society in the rural and urban areas of the country. The organization primarily focuses on the issues related to Health, Education, Livelihood, Women and youth Empowerment, Gender Balance, community based issues and Environment Protection.Care village Foundation is one of the fastest emerging organizations in the area of Development. Its aim is to render suitable services to the poor and vulnerable persons of the Walled City areas of Delhi/NCR and its surroundings.
    Thanks Vishal Singh

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