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S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society and its Mission

May 4, 2007

S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is a registered organization in India and it is continuously working towards the welfare of our society in India. The main aim of this society is to devote its energy and resources in education and develop awareness programs to make aware the public the quality of true democracy. It is currently working for a reform in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and actively involved stopping the practices of the faulted democracy. The society’s importance is to improve services of UP government in the in following areas ( 

  1. Due Respect to General Public (
  2. Accessibility of Lok-Sevaks (
  3. Services To Public (
  4. Corruption (
  5. Law and Order (
  6. Equality (
  7. Reservations (“reservations”-–-by-dr-vinaya-k-singh-phd/)
  8.  Languages (
  9. Employee Benefits (
  10. Development (“development”-by-dr-vinaya-k-singh-phd/)

The president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this Society, Dr. Vinaya K. Singh (, and its members are in dialogue with head of various political parties, Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs), ministers, lok-sevaks (bureaucrats) and NGOs and preaching them on how to transform the UP in Uttam Pradesh and educating general public to contribute towards developing true democracy in UP.

Nowadays India is struggling with problem of corruption which has affected Law & Order, Judiciary and Development and is in the process of paralyzing them. Because of distress and our societies becoming unmoral and uncivilized, the Supreme Court (SC) has commented as stating that every one is looting our country and we need some stringent laws to make country corruption free. It even went a step further and proposed for uncivilized law (hanging corrupts in the lamppost) to check the corruptions.

This Society believes SC is not wrong in assessing the situation of our country on corruption. There is something alarming which compelled SC to comment like this. The Society also realizes that the severe problem that UP is facing right now is corruption and removal of corruption from UP is its first and foremost priority. Because of corruption, Law & Order, Judiciary and Development are getting affected.

Society’s mission is now, “Bhrastachar Mitao, Bharat Bachao” (remove corruption and save India) and actively involving the public to revolt against the corruption. This is a revolution and Society is looking for more and more people to participate in this revolution. Like this Society, the public has to make pressure on our elected representatives, lok-sevaks and governments servants to work together to curb the corruption.

There are few steps presented in the paper here to handle the corruption and there could be many others proposed collectively by all of us. This Society feels that it’s now our responsibly to check the corruption and we should not shrug it away. The Society needs your support to cerate a corruption free society and you can certainly make a difference (, if you make up your mind. You just need to spread the word to our fellow Indians to protest against any kind of corruption and refer this site to educate about true democracy and bring awareness in the public. Let us work together to make sure that not a single paisa of public is looted by anyone.

This society’s is also involved in opening of new schools in rural areas providing values and moral based education with language English compulsory and providing financial assistance to needy.  The financial assistance is provided Rs.1200.00 per year in three categories as shown in the application form application.pdf and interested may mail the complete application via e-mail or post at address give below. Listed below are main objectives of Society:

  • Fight against corruption of any kind at any level.
  • Financial assistance to needy in form of loans or free. Preferences to unprivileged and underprivileged people.
  • Establishments of schools, technical and medical institutes, hospitals, medical facilities, and organization of medical camps where they are most needed.
  • Development of small scale industries and facilities to farmers to improve food production.
  • Organization of tournaments, mostly in villages, to encourage and search the talents in sports.
  • English coaching to children of grade 1-5, and selecting gifted and talented children from underprivileged region and providing them advance level of coaching.

Society is looking for people who believe in “Only to Give and Not to Take” and who can devote little time for its cause to become its members. Membership (membership-form.doc) is free and if you are interested in its membership, you may e-mail to: or write to: 

Vinaya Singh (Court Par)

President, S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society

Tari Bara Gaon, Ballia

UP 221711, India

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