An Advice to Government of UP

I am working with various political parties in UP to improve the standard of politics and work on overall development of UP. I have a dream for UP. I believe in my father’s directions of “Not to think about what are you getting from the people, but only think what you can give to the people”. As a citizen of UP, it’s my foremost duty and responsibility to advice government of UP to provide good service to its citizen and also demand for good work and governance. Since I don’t have any constitutional authorities to help anyway on below points, so I write this advice to government of UP. My aim is to ignite and make aware every citizen of UP to advice and demand for good service from government of UP. There are following five points which I think are very important for government of UP to work on to help UP in turning on path of progress and prosperity for every citizen. Also, you can visit at for details on how we are working to improve the conditions of UP. 

  1. Bhrastachar Mitao, UP Bachao (remove corruption, save UP) – Almost every government department’s officials of UP are indulged in bribery and grievances and benefits are not entitled to the beneficiaries until they pay the “Suvidha Shulka” (bribe). Thus the suppressed and poor’s’ rights are taken away by influential people and corrupt officials. The bribery is making illegal work, a legal one in UP and poor are getting away from the justice. Also, fund for the any government programs is eaten away by officials and broker and only little reaches to ground for development. This doesn’t make any development work in UP so visible and impressive. If the entire fund for development will reach to the people, it will certainly make a difference. Corruption is paralyzing the development and Law & Order in UP. The government should take some concrete steps to remove the corruption from UP. It can form committees at Tehsil and District levels to hear the complaints of corruption against officials of Tehsil (e.g. SDM, Tehsildaar, VDO, Lekhpaal etc) and District (DM, ADM SP, DDO, Engineers etc) respectively. The committee should be powered with making the decision quickly and authorized to fix penalty and even dismiss the officials. Based on gravity of corruption, it may also recommend for a jail term. The recorded messages and dialogues made between the public and officials can be used as proof for the case and also government can provide validity to sting operations (by NGOs , Journalists and general public) to trap and get rid of corrupt officials. 
  2.  Invite businesses in rural areas – Businesses are not interested for investment in the rural areas due to lack of development and infrastructure and most importantly because the lack of interests by Lok-Sevaks (Ministers, Development Officers, DMs etc). The removal of corruption can help in developing world class infrastructure in rural areas but Lok-Sevaks need to take extra care of investors and help and appease them to invest in rural areas. I have seen many incidents where investors wanted to invest but Lok-Sevaks didn’t give any importance to them. It’s true that any investors is looking first for their benefit from the businesses and works only for the profit but government officials should understand that investors are also helping people and providing opportunities for works and creating new jobs. Only government jobs and investment in any form can’t eradicate unemployment from UP and Lok-Sevaks should change their mentality of behaving as rulers and be prepared to provide red carpets to investors of any kind. They should help at any extent to make sure that investor is able to start the businesses without any hurdles (and corruptions), so that it could help the unemployed youngsters and bring prosperity in rural areas. 
  3. English in Primary Schools – English is global language and government should keep in mind that UP is not the whole world. There is concept of global villages where the different countries of world are part of the villages. To prosper in this environment, the English could be a good tool. Also, India is having different states and there languages are not common, but English is used everywhere. So the government responsibility is to prepare our next generations to meet with these challenges. Government should make sure that every oppressed, poor and Dalits can get knowledge of English language from primary school itself. This will certainly help them getting ready for the various opportunities waiting ahead for prosperity. 
  4. Justice delayed is justice denied – One of the main reasons for the development and prosperity of people of western countries is the efficiency of judiciary systems. Justice is not prolonged and cases are heard and judgments are delivered with in the specified time. This is not the case in UP. The cases in UP are pending for so long and sometimes even people die without the trial. This is really a need of the hour to improve the judiciary by computerization, increasing resources and fixing a timeline for the judgment. 
  5. Government as server and not as a ruler – it’s is my opinion that the most of the Lok-Sevaks don’t think themselves as ‘server’ (public servant) but think as ‘ruler’. I use here a government means a ‘server’ and not a ‘ruler’ since I smell a kind of British rule (slavery) from word “ruler” that our country has passed through long ago. The general citizen, who are not the part of government and follow the law of land, should be given due respect by all level of Lok-Sevaks in their offices and we should change our mentality of writing “Prarthana Patra” (Request Letter) for any work to be done by Lok-Sevaks. Instead, we should write a “Work/Demand Letter” to work on our grievances which might have change in format to not to indicate any way that a general public is on mercy of Lok-Sevaks. To draw an analogy for the pitiable conditions of poor and Dalits in state of UP, one might want to watch the TV serial ‘Agale Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo”.

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