Why Lalgadh Incident Happened

Where the money is going? Why development is not visible as it should be? Why people (people here mean suppressed, deprived and poor citizen of India) are revolting against government? Why civil war like situation is erupting. The answer of all these questions is only one, the corruption in the system. Yes, due to problem of corruption so rooted in system of India, people are getting frustrated and want to take the Law & Order in their hand. People are not getting what they expect, they are not getting their rights, there is no one addressing their grievances in timely manner and listening request against corruption, there is no action taken against corrupt officials, then what are the options left for the people. Governments are not serious about the corruption and when people start taking Law & Order in their hand and use arms, government is asking to short the issue in democratic way. I don’t know why government is not taking action when people request to do so but when it goes out control, then only the government awakes. I have been requesting governments since last two years to be serious about corruption, which the real root of the problem, but governments are not serious about it and I have not yet seen any mobilization on removal of corruption. Is the democratic way of demanding our right is really working?

 I would like tell you my own story here. Once I was on a tour and wanted to travel from Siligudi to Calcutta (in West Bengal) with my family by bus. There was a government bus standing on the bus-stop and there were plenty of seats available and there was half hour left to depart from Siligudu to Calcautta. I went to booking window for the ticket. There was no one in queue and I was the first and asked for the ticket. The booking clerk told me that I have to pay Rs 50.00 additional apart from fare for each ticket, if I want to travel today, else if want to book for next day, there will no additional bribe to pay. I fought and asked there are seats available and I will not pay a single paisa in bribe. If you don’t give the ticket, I will report to higher authority. The booking clerk told me to leave the window immediately and go and report wherever you want. I requested other senior officials presented there and they told the same thing that I have to pay for this. Everyone pays and his is the part of system. I was really frustrated and though to take law and order in my hand and slap everyone there. Even, I wanted to kill these government officials but no one was there to support me and since I was with my family, I didn’t want to trouble them and go to jail. I left the booking window and went to private bus stand and got tickets for Calcutta. This is what happening everyday in the life of general public. People are forced to pay for their rights and there is no punishment for corrupt officials. This is making poor a poorer and rich a richer everyday. What is the solution for this? We choose government to work on issue our public facing everyday to improve the life but after a long wait, there is no improvement. Government is spending so much money but why don’t we see any change? How long people will wait? This will create anger in people and in anger; people will take arm in their hands and will start a fight with government for their rights. Then what government will do? They will fight a war with their own people with government machinery and there will start havoc, a civil war. I don’t think this scenario is very far way and people demand for their rights can’t be suppressed so long and even military operation can’t help.

 I read the central government agenda for first 100 days in a newspaper but I nowhere read any reference to corruption, the root cause of the failure of the welfare programs. Sometimes I think that if government will not work on my request, I should start an organization to fight with government. Name the organization as “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena” (Corruption Removal Army). This will employ the unemployed youths and warn the government employee on the line of, ‘don’t bribe, else face the consequences’. This organization will try to work with government employees and if they will not mend, the organization will take law and order in its own hand. Like minded people and friends are supporting this idea. Please suggest what do you think?


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