I don’t see any challenge to Congress Party in near future

I don’t see any challenges or danger for Congress party from any other political parties in near future, at least at center. There is very bleak possibility that any non-congress government could be formed at center irrespective of Congress government does good or bad for the country. There are several reasons for that. The first one is BJP can’t be able to form government on its own until it takes the minority in confidence. Hinduism is religion of tolerance and Hindus can’t be congregated and vote for a party purely on basis of religion. If somehow it’s able to reach near the majority level, the so called secular parties will do their best to refrain BJP to form the government and rather they could support Congress party to form the government. I don’t think, if there is any future for Third/Fourth Front or it can ever form any government without support of BJP or Congress. Even, if Third Front is able to form the government, this will not lost long due to tones of aspirants for the prime ministerial post. Due to ambitions and greediness, they start pulling the strings of each others and thus the government would not survive longer. We have seen such scenarios at center few times and public is also aware of this. 

I am not sure why people are so crazy for Prime Ministerial or any Ministerial post. As per my view, in a democracy, word ‘Minster’ should be defined as public servant of a country and his/her boss would be the non-government general public who follows the law of land. If people can understand this, they will stop giving importance to PM, CM, ministerial or Lok-Sevak posts and this way somewhat corruption could also be reduced. Most of elected members and ministers think it a position of status and respect, not as a servant, and where we need to make a change. This is not the era of British or Kings’ Rule but we are living in the age of democracy where status of general public is higher than these Lok-Sevaks. We have to work on this line and explain to our people to understand their rights and duty and fight for this. There are many MPs and MLAs in India who are either rich, Bahubalis or both and they would become so arrogant, if you treat them as public servant. They still think themselves as ruler and above the law, and for that reason they want to become an MP or MLA. 

I will tell you a story of a poor farmer. His son wanted to go abroad for higher studies but he was unable to get the US Visa. Someone suggested him to contact a cabinet minster in center for the help. When he visited at home of a cabinet minister at center, his secretaries were not so cooperative to make an appointment for him with the minister. They wanted some money for allowing him to meet the minister. Somehow, with help of his local MP, he met the minister. Minister asked him to provide some documentation to his secretaries and told to farmer that he might receive a recommendation for Visa in few days. The farmer completed the formalities and left for his hometown. He waited for couple of months but he didn’t receive any response from minister’s office. He made couple of visits to Delhi to meet the minster but the minster’s secretaries returned him empty handed saying they will look into it. They didn’t allow him to meet the minister stating various excuses such as he is very busy or he is unavailable or he is out of station. It was not possible for farmer to stay in Delhi for longer or make many trips to Delhi for this work. Somehow he got the telephone number of minister and he thought it would be better to make him call from his village to follow-up and know the status on his request. 

Do you think, if you try to make a telephone call and you can expect a cabinet minister to respond to your call? I don’t think it will ever happen in India. Just see what happened to the poor farmer. When he called the minster’s home, no one was picking up the phone. Somehow he was able to get hold of minister’s secretary. Then what, secretary told he didn’t have any idea about his request. Now what farmer should do? He requested secretary to get minster online. But you know what, secretary was trained to treat minister as “Lord” and created a scenario that minister is too busy and he can’t come online. The secretary started making excuses such as Minister is in bathroom, he is in meeting, he is in office, and he is in bedroom and so, and can’t be able to talk to him. Same thing happened when the local MP called to minister from his village. Finally nothing was done to his request and his son was not able to go abroad for study. Do you think, this should happen in a democracy and a general public should not be allowed to talk to a minister on phone? Then what is use of modern technologies. This is the way one can contact an official and save money and time in transportation. I think many would agree with my arguments. If not, you can please visit to my website at vinay1340.wordpress.com and we can have a healthy debate on this. 

Now let us talk about government at center. My analysis is that now the government at center is very stable and other regional party can’t blackmail the government for petty selfishness. Public should think on this line and this could be good thing to start. But need sometime change of guard at center is necessary to get good work from government and to avoid arrogancy and teach a lesson to a server. But other than Congress, which political party would be able to form government in future at center, any guesses. It could be possible if BJP can experiment something new or so called secular parities can support BJP on some common ground. If this happens, this would be a miracle. The conclusion of above all is that BJP is not liked by majority of minorities and now public understand that only Congress is able to provide a stable government since control of party is hands of Nehru’s Family. Thanks to Nehru family. The third front will never be able to provide a stable government because there are too many aspirants for the PM posts with too many agendas which go against it. If somehow these so called secular parties and regional parties can work with BJP and fight an election on some common minimum program, there could be a chance of change in guard at center. This will benefit the public of India to have different government at center alternatively for good governance and democracy to work. This will prove that a general public, not in government and who follows the law of land, is powerful than a Lok-Sevak, PM, CM or minister.


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