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An Appeal to General Public of UP – Bhrastachar Mitao, UP Bachao

September 1, 2009

Dear Fellow Citizen of UP,

 I am working with media, politicians, Lok-Sevaks (Secretaries, DMs, SPs and other government officials of UP), MPs, MLAs, Ministers etc. on removal of corruption from UP since last couple of years. I don’t get much support on this and also I don’t see any improvement to control the corruption in UP. Day by day, it’s getting worse and even going out of control. Now it’s high time for us to think on this and work together to help prosper the UPaites.  We see that lot of money getting released time to time for development projects but it’s not reaching to poor and deprived people and development looks very negligible. Also, Law & Order mostly favors the influential, powerful and rich. The root of all these problems is corruption and until corruption is controlled, we don’t see significant improvements in the life of general public of UP. For that reason, there is need of hour to work together and start a movement on removal of corruption from UP. I have formed an institution called “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena” to achieve this goal and I need your support to make this movement a grand success. “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena” is looking for people who are honest and believe in “not to take but only to give” and also can devote some time for the sake of the country. The Sena has to work on below line: 

  1. Teach Lok-Sevaks (Secretaries, DMs, SPs and other government officials), MPs, MLAs, Ministers etc. or whoever getting paid by government that they are public servant and their real boss is general public. They are not there to rule but to serve. They need to provide respect to public visiting in their offices and work on grievances on timely manner.
  2. Arrange for conferences of Lok-Sevaks (Secretaries, DMs, SPs and other government officials), MPs, MLAs, Ministers etc. or whoever getting paid by government time to time to achieve the above goal.
  3. Identify and collect information about corrupt officials associated with their villages and cities with the help of general public and sufferers and based on these information, start an agitation against the official. The members of Sena will group together at the office of official and chant for “Quit Government Service” and sang:         Jo Bhi hai Sanlipta, Bhrastachar mein | Maro Jute Use, Khule Bazar mein ||
  4.  Start appropriate legal action against official.
  5. Don’t stop the agitation until the corrupt official is punished.
  6. Work on complaints of general public and help them until their issues are resolved.
  7. Perform sting operations to uncover the corruptions and corrupt officials.

Please join and support us on this endeavor. You may please form a group of people who can work on Sena’s agenda in your area. You can name the unit as “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena, (name of village/city), UP”, elect a convener and rest as members. You may please inform us with members’ details and progress of the Sena’s work. We will register the members and unit in our Sena and mail you the official letter later. The members of Sena should propagate this agenda to other villages and cities. Looking forward to working with you soon.


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