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Bhrastachar Mitao Sena – Aims & Objectives

October 7, 2009

Every crime in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is having some kind of link with corruption. It’s impacting each and every field of our life. This has resulted into deterioration of law & order in UP and development is negligibly seen with respect to amount spent. Until corruption is controlled, nothing will work properly. Since governments are not bothered about this issue, I decided to start a non-governmental organization to help reduce the corruption in UP and formed the Bharstachar Mitao Sena . Bharstachar Mitao Sena is established on Sept. 1, 2009 to start a non-violence movement on removal of corruption from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and its aims and objectives are given below. Please join the Sena to help and support us in removal of corruption from UP.

1. Bhrastachar Mitao Sena

2. Book – Transform Uttar Pradesh


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