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Why did Manoj Twari get escorted but not the Bechu Ram – can please someone explain?

December 1, 2009

I read a news yesterday on Manoj Tiwari, a celebrated Bhojpuri film actor and singer. He was about to be abducted by Naxals in Naxals hit area of Jharkhand but escaped narrowly. He was in Girideeh, Jharkhand to address a public rally in favor of his friend’s election to state assembly, and after that he proceeded to Dhanbaad by road. He was caught by Naxals in the way. Because of his personal engagements (to interview film actor Amir Khan for promo of film ‘Three idiots’ on a private TV channel) and other works, he made a wrong decision to travel Naxals hit area by road in the night. This resulted into bringing the whole state machinery onto its toe. There occurred an exchange of fire between the Naxals and police and later he was provided a bullet proof vehicle escorted with a team of 100 cops lead by a DSP of police to escape him safely to Dhanbaad. Who is going to pay for this, Manoj Tiwari or state (general public)? Aren’t these VIPs are now becoming burden to our states. Can the same treatment will meet to one Bechu Ram who is a poor villager with just able to manage to feed his family and he is unknown to the world. If he has a personal work and need police escort to help him in night to pass through the terrain of Naxals belt, can he be escorted with team of 100 cops lead by SP or DSP? Definitely not, even police officer would not listen to his request and would have thrown out of office because of not having any status. Is there any difference between Bechu Ram and Manoj Tiwari? I see only difference between Bechu Ram and Manoj Tiwari that Bechu Ram is not famous and rich. I still remember one incident when I was passing with this terrain in June last year. Couple of vehicles and their passengers was looted but there were not single police officer to escort the bus or public transportations at the site.

We know, it is very difficult to become an MLA, MP or minister and we can go any level to get such posts. Even many become unmoral and corrupt in the process. But what can we do, most of us think this is the short-cut to become rich, prosperous and famous. The only way we can control people becoming corrupt and unmoral is by checking the corruption in public places. We need a movement, like Quit India, to remove corruption and everyone needs to monitor the corrupt act of Lok-Sevaks and help report to get him/her punished. The set-up of corruption courts at each level (village, block, Tehsil, district etc) and speedy trail and judgment will help reduce the corrupt practices. To start with this, one can think of a new ministry for corruption removal. Until people will have fear, they don’t stop practicing corruption. Also, we need to educate people understand that a minister means servant of public and have amend law to make realize a minister a real Sevak. We need to make it mandatory for a minister to treat a common man (who is not a Lok-Sevak) as his/her boss and greet with respect and word ‘Sir’. Many rich people and Bahubalis are now in politics and they want to become a minister by any means. Why they want so? They think, this is the post of respect and makes one above the general public. Do they really enter into politics to become a servant, whereas they already accustomed to behave as master? I don’t think so. They will never behave like a public servant. We still have British mentality and think that these positions are created to rule and become boss. They think, this is the way they can earn money and live life king size.

 We need to break this phenomenon to ensure that ministers really behave like a public servant. If they can’t work as public servant, they should be told that you were not pleaded to take this position but you were dying for this. So, you are free to leave, there are many in queue to take up the job and work as Sevasks. Don’t we pay salary and provide all kind of facilities from public money to serve the citizen of state? On behalf of public, we have also endorsed constitutional authorities to serve us better, then why people on such position don’t think this as a job of servant? Do we give more than that to our personal domestic helps? No, but we have command over our domestic helps but this is not true on our Lok-Sevaks. The Bhrastachar Mitao Sena is working on this line and looking for your support to achieve this goal.

Does becoming a celebrity, rich or famous give upper hand over poor? Celebrities, rich or famous persons are already enjoying the fruit of life, so what more they need from public money. They should have already received what they expect from public and they should always remember that they are there (position) because of their fans in common men but common men are not there because of them. Does our constitution tell us that celebrities, famous and rich should have better treatment than the poor? If authority is treating a film star, actor or other famous/rich people as VIP so why not a common man of a state can demand for the same treatment for her/him? If state denies this to a common man then where is equality and where is democracy? I don’t see we practice equality in real sense and thus our democracy is faulty. Lok-Sevaks (such as ministers, MPs, MLAs, IAS/IPS) don’t think them as servant of public and people are going to any extent to getting those positions. Since I am not a Lok-Sevak, I feel sometime that I can direct or even order a Lok-Sevak (DM/CM/PM) to work on public grievances, and they would be bound by law to act on that, but vice-versa is not true. If they don’t work, I have power not to vote them. If CM or PM orders me to do anything, I am free to act or not. So, I think me or Bechu Ram is above the Lok-Sevaks and should be happy with that. Can someone explain why rich and famous people in our democratic and great country Bharat are treated as VIPs, and not the common man like Bechu Ram?


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