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Letter to Amar Singh, Member, Rajya Sabha

February 15, 2010

Amar Singhji,

 I read somewhere in newspaper that you are going to start coaching institutes for the villagers to provide them knowledge of language English and Information Technology (IT) free of cost. This is first time I heard of you doing a great job. This is a good start and I really would like to appreciate you for this effort. One of the goals of S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is this, and Society is grateful to you for taking this task on your own. This is a very commendable work and Society wishes you all the best. You may please visit at: for more details. Please expand this to other villages of Azamgarh, Ballia, Gagipur etc. What I think here is that there is no need of inauguration of this effort by big shots like Big B. Otherwise it could just become another publicity stunt. My opinion is that at this point of time, you might need public support most, like Samajwadi Party, rather than Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh’s support will only boost you morally but not add anything in pubic support.  I would appreciate, if you could get it inaugurated by a poor, honest and downtrodden person of your village. This would be more effective and send a right signal in public that the common man is more powerful than a rich or famous. I am also getting inaugurated my book, “How to Transform Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh” by the poorest of the poor from my village and not from a big shot, because I strongly believe that the big shots are there because of common men like me but vice-versa is not true. I would also like to suggest you to make arrangements to provide this facility to children who come from Dalits and Poor families and can’t afford the cost of good education.


Bhrastachar Mitao Sena’s Some Initial Experiences

February 1, 2010

Bhrastachar Mitao Sena (BMS) has started working on its aim and objectives in couple of cities of UP since last few months. I would like to share with you the responses of public we received during our interaction with them with our initials experiences.

 Story#1: There is a lady whose husband died in year 2008. Her husband was retired from army. She contacted BMS and told us that she has applied for the transfer of her husband’s pension to her name and she is trying for it since a year. She doesn’t have any other alternatives for living but only this pension. When she visit to office of revenue officer for the help and complete the formalities of transfer, she doesn’t get proper response. Sometimes clerk is not available, and if available, he makes too many excuses stating that papers are incomplete and bring some other documents. When she brings other ones, then she is asked for to bring something else. This gets on and on. She tried couple of times to meet the revenue officer but it was very difficult to get hold of him for her. She took the help of her village Gram Pradhan and some how got hold of revenue officer. The officer told he would look into the mater and help her, but nothing happened. After few more trips to the office, she was told by the office to bring two witnesses to the officer to sign for the verification. She brought the witnesses few times but sometime clerk was not in the office and some time the revenue officer was unavailable. Everyday she was told to wait outside of the office with witnesses and she would be called when officer will be available but she waited till 5:00 PM every time and was never called. Finally, she was informed that she has to pay Rs 8-10 thousands to get the approval for the pension. She was unable to manage the amount and she was very sad. She heard about BMS and contacted us. BMS has taken up this matter and has assured her that it will be addressed within a month and we try to bring the involved corrupt officials to the book. We are collecting all the information and BMS will fight on her behalf.

 There are several people contacted in this process but many of them told BMS that this is part of life and there is nothing wrong in  paying Rs 8,000/-.  The officers are doing hard work in performing their duty and this is their right to get some tips for doing their job. Whoever pays it, their file is approved in a month. Based on BMS investigations, it found that it should not take more than a month or two for approval but delay is only to extract money from the poor lady. When BMS contacted few others on such type of requests, it found that after bribing, even you can get the pension for ineligible candidates. As per the law of land, only the spouse of deceased person is eligible for the pension transfer but one person told BMS that one lady is getting pension even for her father-in-law (his wife was died before him). She got it after bribing to the corrupt officials and no is bothering about this. BMS has found many such cases.

 Story#2: BMS found in a village that government released some fund to build two rooms for a primary school but it was damaged itself in couple of moths. After the investigations, it found that only 20% of the money was used for developing the rooms and remaining was shared by the corrupt officials. BMS is collecting information and will take action against the corrupt officials.

 Story#3:  One person reported to BMS that he had applied for the renewal of the gun license but clerk is asking for money even after all the formality is completed. It has taken him 6 moths to get approval from police station and completing other formalities and even after that, he is not getting his license renewed. When BMS investigated, it found that if you pay Rs 1000-/- or more your license would be available to you within a day or two without even having the no-objection of police department. The officials directly get it approved from the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and renew the license. If you don’t pay bribe, you have to go with lengthy process and it may take more than 3 months for renewal, and even after that you have to pay something to the officials as “Suvidha- Sulka”. Thus BMS observations are that the people are forced to pay the bribe for any work for which they are legally entitled, and BMS is looking into it. Same thing happens in getting a new passport and police men forcibly collect money to send the clean report for an applicant.

Story#4: BMS got a complaint from a villager that Gram Prahdan is collecting for Rs 7,000-10,000/- for including a beneficiary in Indira Aavas Vikas awardees list. When BMS investigated the matter, it found it’s true and that person is very much eligible for the Indira Aavas Vikas but Gram Pradhan is forcing him to pay the money. The BMS has complained to District Magistrate (DM) of the district but there is no action on this taken yet. BMS will pursue it until all the eligible get the Indira Aavas Vikas without paying a single penny and will try to bring culprits to the law.

 Many such stories will be continued on the web site: Please keep tuned by visiting the site. There are so many such requests coming to the BMS and it’s quite busy in helping the people. Many of the people praise us but there are a few who are discouraging. They say, corruption has become part of our life and BMS can do nothing, and you guys are just wasting your time. BMS is facing issue in getting our complaint addressed easily and receiving very less cooperation from authorities on corruption issue. This is because bottom to top are involved in these practices and they are safe in doing so, since there is no fear of anything. But BMS has made up its mind and will not track back. Now our target is set and we will try our best do something for the welfare of the UPaites and new generations. We just need general public’s cooperation. BMS organizational details are given below.

Please read: It is same for us

 Organizational Chart of “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena”

 President (National Level) – Vinaya Singh

   Vice Presidents (State Level) – Filled-in for UP only.

      Directors (District Level) – Filled-in for Ballia UP, India (this

                                            post is paid one)

                         Attorneys (District Level) – Filled-in for Ballia, UP (this

                                              post is paid one)

                        Conveners (Block/City Level) – In-progress in Ballia, UP

                        Members (Village/City Level) – In-progress in Ballia, UP

 Bhrastachar Mitao Sena

 Head Office: Tari Bara Gaon (Court Par),

Ballia, UP 221711

 Rules & Regulations

 Jo Bhi Hai Sanlipta, Bhrastachar Mein |                                                      Bhrastachar Mitao, Bharat Bachao

Maro Jute Use, Khule Bazzar Mein    ||                                                         Believe in not to Take but only to Give

  1. Bhrastachar Mitao Sena is a non-political institution and will not be indulged in any political activities. It should also not support any political parties.
  2. Anyone, e.g. Lok-Sevaks/Government Servants (DM, SP, ministers etc.), members of political parties, general public etc, can become the member of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena.
  3. Each member should work together towards achieving the aim of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena.
  4. Any member found working against the interest and aim of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena, his/her membership can be revoked.
  5. Make as many members as possible form each villages and cities and assign a convener to each village /city.
  6. The Director at District level should lead the activities of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena to achieve its goal.
  7. The Director should reach everyday to general public of a village or city and explain the aim and work done by Sena against corruption and also for the welfare of society, and motivate people to support Bhrastachar Mitao Sena. Have a year plan ready in advance on which village or city to cover on which day.
  8. Address the people everyday at their common gathering place (Bazzar etc.) using a public addressing system. Have a year plan ready in advance on which village or city to cover on which day.
  9. Register the members with entering the contact details in a register and provide identification card to each member.
  10. With identification card, also provide the S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society’s membership letter to convener of village/city.
  11. Make arrangements to represent the grievances of public to concerned department on weekly basis and get it resolved in timely manner.
  12. Make arrangements on monthly basis to gather information of corrupt officials and lead the movement to get him/her punished.
  13. Catch at least two highly corrupt (Ghusakhor) public servants/Lok-Sevaks every month and report for action against them.
  14. Take help of legal advisor for any issue in addressing the public grievances or corrupt officials and start the legal processing, if needed.
  15. Encourage our honest and dedicated members to participate or contest any kind of elections to represent the people wish, achieve the goals of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena and clean the dirt from politics.
  16. The Sena should help members of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena to make them self reliant and encourage them to start entrepreneurship. This will results in helping the unemployed youths.

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