Letter to Amar Singh, Member, Rajya Sabha

Amar Singhji,

 I read somewhere in newspaper that you are going to start coaching institutes for the villagers to provide them knowledge of language English and Information Technology (IT) free of cost. This is first time I heard of you doing a great job. This is a good start and I really would like to appreciate you for this effort. One of the goals of S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is this, and Society is grateful to you for taking this task on your own. This is a very commendable work and Society wishes you all the best. You may please visit at: https://vinay1340.wordpress.com/s-n-singh-welfare-education-society-and-its-mission/ for more details. Please expand this to other villages of Azamgarh, Ballia, Gagipur etc. What I think here is that there is no need of inauguration of this effort by big shots like Big B. Otherwise it could just become another publicity stunt. My opinion is that at this point of time, you might need public support most, like Samajwadi Party, rather than Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh’s support will only boost you morally but not add anything in pubic support.  I would appreciate, if you could get it inaugurated by a poor, honest and downtrodden person of your village. This would be more effective and send a right signal in public that the common man is more powerful than a rich or famous. I am also getting inaugurated my book, “How to Transform Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh” by the poorest of the poor from my village and not from a big shot, because I strongly believe that the big shots are there because of common men like me but vice-versa is not true. I would also like to suggest you to make arrangements to provide this facility to children who come from Dalits and Poor families and can’t afford the cost of good education.


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