Bhrastachar Mitao Sena’s grand Salutation and big Appreciation to Baba Ramdev for his great efforts on corruption removal from India

At the outset, I would like to declare here that I am neither a follower of Baba Ramdev and nor I have met him ever personally. This appreciation is solely based on his work done for the betterment of mankind. I would like to fight the war against corruption together with him and Bhrastachar Mitao Sena will fully support him for removing the greatest pain of corruption from public life of India.

There have been many great Saints, Hermits, Munis and Mahatamas in India and most of them had/have devoted their whole life for the welfare and well-being of our society. They preached their disciples about spiritual thoughts, good and bad things and Dharma and Adharma. Many of our people have followed and many forgotten. We have also seen there in India that there have been many self-proclaimed ‘Gods’ but they have also done great things for the uplifting of our communities. But they all have devoted energy to transform people from bad to good and disseminated information to believe in ‘God’ and on spirituality. They all have taught good stuffs and removal of demon (Shaitan) from our own body and transform ourselves into pure Atma (Soul) with good thoughts. These all finally tell us to stop any corrupt practices and work to do good things for the needy and poor. This is what we call the Dharma. But they (Saints, Hermits, Munis, Mahatamas etc.) aren’t/weren’t able to clean the society with evils.

If we see the past history of ours, the “God” had taken avatars (births) to cleanse the evils from our society by killing the evil minded people from the earth. If we consider Rama, he was born to kill Ravana, Krishna to kill Kansa, Narasimha to kill Hiranyakashyapu etc. We haven’t seen such avatars in this Yuga (Era) from long time. Let us take an example of Ravana. We all know that the Ravana was a very powerful person with great personality, mind and thoughts and above all, he was a man with kind heart. He tried to remove corruption and caste system from our society during his initial time. So, why our ‘God’ Rama killed him?  As per Ramayana, later Ravana became arrogant and very greedy. He started exploiting and punishing people without any good cause and become too jealousy. He lost all his tolerance and doesn’t think about anybody being above him. This all made him a corrupt person and he started practicing Adharma. As per our religious books, a person with all these qualities called a monster (Asur). ‘God’ takes avatars to remove these evils from the earth but do you think only Ravana was the person with evil mentality? Don’t we have people like him nowadays? Then why “God” is not taking birth to kill these evils of nowadays. Rama and his Sena (army) did their best to transform the Ravana into a good person but he didn’t concede. Finally, Rama took the law in his hand killed the Ravana. Can’t we do the same thing in this era too?

 We see there are many Bahubalis, Gangsters, Politicians and Lok-Sevaks more corrupt than Ravana but no one is there to punish them. They are Asurs of this era with Shaitan in their body. Most of the saints and avatars of this era preach the good stuff and they have many followers but we see that most of the followers visit to Ashrama, listen to good words and forget the Dharma next day. They start behaving like Asurs when they are out of the Ashrama. I don’t see any saints or avatars of this Yuga are involved in punishing the Asurs or evils because this can be only done, if the real “God” takes the avatar.

 I see some light in Baba Ramdev and see him as real “God” avatar. He is doing his best to giving us healthy, spiritual and corruption free society. He also has many followers but I am sure most of them don’t follow his words. They also visit his Ashrama to listen him and next day onwards starts behaving like Ravana. But Baba Ramdev is not stopping here by just working on transformation of people from bad to good but he is also working like ‘Rama’ to punish the corrupt people like Ravana. In this Yuga of democracy, one can’t take the law in his own hand like ‘Rama’ did, but there is way to punish the Ravana like people living in our Indian society. It can be done by amendments in our very old constitution.

 Baba Ramadev is trying for amendments to our constitution to make stringent laws (death penalty) to provide speedy trial of corrupt people and having them hanged without fail. This can be compared with killing the Ausrs like Ravana in our society. This type of act can be done by Rama only and if Baba Ramdev can be succeeded in his endeavors, he can certainly get the stature of lord Rama. Bhrasatchar Mitao Sena is also thriving for the same goal and one can consider this as Banar sena. This Sena is group of good people who can be compared as deities (Devatas) of Rama’s time and will fully support the Baba Ramdev in fighting his war against the Ravanas. Baba Ramdev, the Bhrastachar Miato Sena whole heartedly appreciates for your non-forgettable efforts and it’s with you for any kind of support you need. You are doing the outstanding work for prosperity of our people of India and I see you a place above all the Saints we have in India at this moment of time.

 To change the constitution for this cause, we need Devata like people to represent us in assemblies, but getting such people are very difficult in this era of materialistic life. If somehow we can get such people, it would be very difficult to get votes for them, since our voters can’t easily change their mentality of voting based on their short term benefits, solely based on caste system, religion, money power, muscle power, tricks and gimmicks. Since it took Rama fourteen years to remove the corruption from the earth during his time, it might take time for Baba Ramdev too to cleanse the Indian society from the evils.

 Please carry on Baba, we are with you. We know that the Asurs’ (corrupt people) Sena in our society is more powerful than Devatas’ (good people) Sena right now and we are not in position to defeat them soon. My recommendation to Baba is that to gather the like-minded people who are already fighting the war against corruption, deeply rooted in our public life, either constitutionally or by weapons and bring them to one platform. This could strengthen our Sena of Devatas and help us to overcome the evils. If Baba succeeds, our new generations would be grateful and indebted to him and he would be worshiped like ‘God’ in future to come. I strongly opine, Baba believes in my philosophy of, “Not to Take but only to Give” and my organization Bhrastachatr Mitao Sena heartily salutes him for all his devotion and fight for the good cause.


6 Responses to “Bhrastachar Mitao Sena’s grand Salutation and big Appreciation to Baba Ramdev for his great efforts on corruption removal from India”

  1. Rajesh Says:

    I’m amazed at what Baba Ramdev has done so far and where he’s leading. He could have stopped with the current achievements and enjoyed them for rest of his life. But he cares only for the health of common man and now health of our country. Majority of the people want change in the current corrupt setup and wish for someone like Rama to come and eliminate all the asuras and evils like corruption from the society. Swami Ramdev looks more and more like the person of our dreams and hopes. I’m not sure if he’s avatar yet but he’s certainly not ordinary person. He’s certainly modern Vivekananda.


    Baba Sri Ramdevji is an Avatar purush and great Yogi who has descended on this Karma bhoomi to remind the Bhyaratiya’s of their forgotton pride in their ancestral Cultural and Spiritual heritage. At a time when Indian students are being tagged in US, he is reminding of the times when we gave Knowledge and Science to the world in Nalanda and Takshila Universities, the first ones in the world. If you do not have time for Baba, YOU are the greatest culprit of India. At a time when our dear Muslim bretherin are showing their solidarity with Baba in fighting corruption, let us be with Baba in the supposed to be OUR fight against corruption. BHARAT MATA KI JAI,


    Dear Divine Soul Vinayaji,

    I am already an ardent follower of Yogiraj Baba Ramadevji since 8 years! For six years I had dedicated my entire time (other than office hours as Sr. Engineer at BHEL), teaching and spreading Baba’s Pranayam package and Ayurveda far and wide. In the last two years, these selfless services have shown me the path of liberation, and I have been recently instructed on Yoga and Meditation at Divine Life Society, Rishikesh.

    What else do you expect me to do other than vote for the people to be proposed by Baba in the coming elections?

    Today’s fight against corruption shall bring awareness among the larger masses, of the evil effects of materialism and our lack of right knowledge of things. From thereon, we move to reinstate our educational system given by the Masters of the yore, which is the Divine knowledge of the Vedas. Only this can save the future generations to come, from the evil effects of materialism and free living (like animals).

    We, who gave life to the lives of the world, have foolishly opted to ape the materialists of the West who have degenerated to the level of tagging our students like cattle. These modernized, well fed, well clothed, well housed, academically degree conferred animals who are capable only of functioning upon the animal level, what education can they give us? They (materialists) say “Survival of the fittest is the law of the land”, which is actually the rule of animal kingdom. Whereas we (Bharatiya’s) say, “charity and compassion are the law of this land” the rule of Divine kingdom!

    Baba Ramdevji is an Avatar purush who has descended on earth to re-establish rightiousness (Dharma – Eternal & Universal Sanatana Dharma) not only in India but also the world over, because his mission will not only fight corruption on the gross level, but unite us all through Yoga, and rediscover our lost pride in our Cultural and Spiritual heritage of India at a subtler level.

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