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Why an Unknown and Poor Dalit Shri Bagedu Ram of my Village to Inaugurate my Book?

April 26, 2010

My book titled, “How to Transform Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh” has been printed and now it’s ready for inauguration and later for distribution. I was planning from many days on its inauguration part but I was unable to make a decision on whom should I reach to get it inaugurated. I wanted the good publicity of the book and make it to reach audiences at large. I discussed this with my family and many of my friends and had very good debate on inauguration plan. Finally we decided to get it inaugurated by one Shri Bagedu Ram, a resident of my village Tari Bara Gaon, Ballia, UP. He is much unknown, poor and belongs to an underprivileged community but there is very good reason to choose him to inaugurate my book. The reason for this is discussed below in great detail.

 First I made a proposal to my friends to get the book inaugurated by a popular film personality. We know that most of us are fond of film stars even we don’t see any reason for that, but they fetch lot of audience because of belonging to a glamorous world. This way I thought of many people could know about my book and can be very much popularized, it doesn’t matter if it couldn’t get converted into a best seller. Everyone agreed and for that reason, I contacted one of my friends living in Mumbai and asked him to arrange for a film star for the inauguration of the book. Before I spoke further, he shot me back saying you can’t get it inaugurated by a famous actor or film producer. It’s not easy. He further explained me that most of the film stars or popular producers are people who think themselves above others and it’d very difficult to reach them. They don’t entertain any common men directly contacting them.

 Most of them show good nature/gesture to outside world/fans on cameras but they are something else in real world. He told me that it might take somewhere 1 to 3 months to reach a famous filmy personality, and for that there is lengthy process to get an appointment. They don’t meet general public directly but they ask to contact their agents and so on so forth for arranging a meeting with them. If you are somehow successful to make arrangement for an appointment, they would charge heavily for participating in any function which you couldn’t afford. So he suggested me to forget about a filmy personality and look for some other option for inauguration of the book. He further commented that though these film personalities know they are nothing without their fans support, but making money is everything to most of them. He also told me that these types of people are occasionally brought to their knees only by the people like Siva Sena Supremo Bal Thakre and/or his family members and most of the Mumbai Kars don’t’ see anything wrong in it.

 So, I dropped the above option. Then I had next option as to inaugurate it by a politician who is popular and very good crowed puller in state of UP. After a lot of thinking at this point, I didn’t find any popular politician in Uttar Pradesh who could fit on my criteria. Since this book mostly discusses against the corruption and many of our politicians from UP are somehow or other facing charges against corruption. Also, most of the politicians from UP only talk against corruption but I haven’t yet seen any movement started against corruption or any concrete step taken to check the corruption. Most of our politicians can’t stop practicing corruption until hard hitting rules are made to control the corruption. So, I felt that it would not send a right signal among public, if I am using such politician to inaugurate my book. So, we rejected this option.

 Then our next option was to get a Swamiji or Babaji with a good devotees’ base to inaugurate the book. We started looking for a famous Baabji. There are many Babas who visit USA regularly and we tried to contact many of them. When we were in process of contacting the Babaji, we were told by their devotees/agents that there is fee from $200 to $500 to meet the Babaji. After the meeting, if he agreed, there would be additional charges to visit the venue and inaugurate the book. I was really shocked. Nowadays most of the Babas have become materialistic. Yes, there is reason for this. They have started lot of work for the welfare of public and they need money for that. But I think there should be a proper way to raise the fund for the noble cause. We see that there are many of Babas from criminal background too and they are running various kinds of rackets from there Ashrama. Recently I read in a newspaper that a famous Baba was caught running the sex racket. Thus we reach to conclusion that most of the Babas are also now living life king size and they don’t have time to help common men like me. So, this option also didn’t work for us.

 Thus based on the facts available to us, we finally decided to search for a person who is honest and less corrupt in comparison with others. This way we found Shri Bagedu Ram, a Dalit, who lives on cleaning clothes of villagers. But he has lot of good qualities. He never charges more for the cleaning. At the end of every crop season, what ever villagers give him, he accepts gracefully. He never used corrupt practices to gain money to live life king size and he is very much involved in cleaning the dirt of people and village. Moreover, he is not greedy and very honest person. Above all, he is very much satisfied with whatever he has. This makes him a very great personality. I realize that he is better than most of the filmy personalities, politicians and nowadays Babas and best suit for the inauguration of my book. Finally, we decided that there is no one else better than him for this purpose and we gave him this responsibility.


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