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Some part of my Speeches Delivered at Various Public Gathering Organized by Bhrastachar Mitao Sena

May 5, 2010

I visited India recently and I was very much hurt to see the level of corruption in UP, India. Any work of public can’t be done without paying any bribe. The government employees are not moving any files until they get the Suvidha Sulka. I visited many of the government offices and did some spy on many of the government officials. They always look for money for any legal or illegal work of public. Even for getting an official stamp on a signed document by an officer, the clerk asks for money. This is too much and not a single individual, politician and/or bureaucrat bother about that. Even general public doesn’t care about corruption and for some to whom we assured their work can be done without paying anything, they didn’t believe. They worry, if they don’t pay the bribe, something wrong can be done to their work and they go and pay the bribe themselves. If some people dare not to pay the bribe, the officials force them to make too many trips to their offices and because of such harassments, public think their welfare is in paying the bribe and thus they finally pay the bribe. Most of the Teachers in government schools don’t teach and take their tasks responsibly and only wards of poor go to such schools. Whoever is able to afford the cost of private schools, they prefer to send their children there. What I have realized is that the even parents didn’t bother to correct the system. I requested many of DMs and SPs to do something to stop such corrupt practices in government offices but nothing happened. A detailed report on this will be published next month.

 I have formed a committee of Bhrastachar Mitao Sena in district Ballia and Sena is working to help people to make their life easier and remove corruption from the government offices. Given below is copy of my speech that I delivered during my meetings with people of Ballia.

Speech – Ballia

Some Reports on Corruptions:


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