I doubt, if Congress Party will ever support the fight against corruption

————From the desk of the President of Bhrashtachar Mitao Sena, San Francisco, California, USA

Congress Party has ruled the India for more than 40 years, so it’s obvious that the most of the black money would be with the people associated with it. So, how can we expect it to fight against the corruption? No way…..

Also, BSP and SP are saying that they are self sufficient to fight against the corruption but their acts show that they don’t want to allow any action against corruption. Example is their act on PAC report and support to corrupt acts…

I still don’t understand why Political Parties are so bewildered to be a part of a Government. Is it because – (1) To loot the public or (2) To serve the public? If they really want to serve the public then why they want to become public servant at any cost? No one likes to be servant of anybody. So, finally I got the answer, they want to be part of any Government to loot the public, do you agree…….


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