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Part of My Lecture Delivered on 4th June 2011 at Fremont Hindu Temple – On Occasion of our Support to Baba Ramdev’s Satyagrah

July 1, 2011
भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ सेना के अध्यक्ष के डेस्क से
भ्रष्टाचार मिटाओ सेना के अध्यक्ष के डेस्क से

Namaskaar. I am Vinaya. I am president of Bhrashtachar Mitao Sena. Bhrashtachar Mitao Sena is unincorporated and non-profit organization registered inCalifornia. I would like to let you know the story behind formation of this organization. I started working against corruption since 2005 when I found that government is spending so much money for development and uplifting of poor but nothing is visible on ground. Where the money is going?Indiais shining on paper but I realized that it’s not in reality. Populations of poor are increasing. I started my research work on this topic in 2005 and in this process I visited many districts of eastern UP and contacted villagers, officials and politicians.  Based on research, I found three issues which are not making things visible: 

  1. 80-85% of the government employees have paid bribe to get a positing/job in government service and remaining have also paid someway or other for their promotions or valuable postings. At least 85% government employees don’t hesitate to take bribe and do the immoral work. They always look for an opportunity and ready to grab benefits of others.
  2. The investigation agencies are also form from same group of people and they are ready to cover-up the cases for the sake of money.
  3. The MLAs and MPs have spent Karores of rupees to win the elections. They say they haven’t spent Karores of rupees to just become the public servant. They spent it to get status and earn money. Since they can’t recover it from mere salary, so they have to recover it somehow and thus they indulge into corrupt practices. Since they control the investigation agencies, they suppress investigations against corrupt elements and making everyone corrupt. 

So what can we do now? Can we do anything against corruption? I invited many of my friends and educated persons for a debate on how a common man like me can contribute to control the corruption. There were lot of ideas presented but I decided to take and work on below ideas: 

  1. Since government servants are protected with laws, we need to amend law to revoke the protection such that any investigation can start against them without any interference of their bosses.
  2. Make new law to create a Block, Tehasil and District Level Lok-Pals which will not be under the control of government and have authority to investigate independently and deliver the judgment in a specified time period. This will help people to have easy access to report against corruption.
  3. Do nothing. Until government servants are honest, nothing can work against corruption. Corrupts can reach to any kind of institutions and make them corrupt until people work for the institution will drop the greed for the money. 

I liked first two ideas as a tool for honest citizen to fight against the corruption but they are not viable since I didn’t have capability to influence our corrupt Lok-Sevaks, politicians and representatives to amend laws, and also I don’t have charismas so that I could be able to form government with 2/3 majority to make and enact laws. The third idea was to not to do anything, but I didn’t want to do nothing and seeing country looted. So I formed Bhrashtachar Mitao Sena with objective to sue each and every person involved in corrupt practices and try to bring them to law. Sena has appointed directors in ten districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh and conveners for every block of each district. We have also appointed attorneys for every district and provided the name and numbers of officials of Sena in hoardings at block level for the help of people to reach us easily. Conveners will watch the corruption under their blocks and Sena’s members will help people to reach us for taking care of their grievances. Sena will fight for them free of cost. 

You are welcome to join the Sena and can support in whatever form you can. You can join as Board of Directors and adopt a district to Sena to grow. You can also help us with donations to support our activities.


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