Actions taken by Government of UP – 2007 – 09

 The S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society (The Society) is constantly in communication with politicians, ministers, lok-sevaks and other government officials and conveying them on how to transform the UP in Uttam Pradesh ( Best State). The Society is requesting for their actions and supports to make this to happen and expecting them to work on the recommendations proposed in the research paper published at this site. The Society is also involved in training the general public of UP to make them familiar with the quality of the real democratic services and asks them to demand these from the government of UP. The Society has observed that there are some positive developments on few fronts in UP but fears if it could be occasional. It has been seen in the past that government initiated some tough measures to control the law & order conditions only when it has met with disasters and kept these measures continued only for few days or months and got forgotten later. Maintaining the continuity of any good work is a very tough job and government of UP need to think on this line and ensure that any measures taken are stays for ever but not for instance. Anyways, the UP government seems determined to do some good jobs.

 Here are some appreciative actions taken by the government of UP:  

  1. Action Report – 7
  2. Action Report – 6
  3. Action Report – 5
  4. Action Report – 4
  5. Action Report – 3
  6. Action Report – 2
  7. Action Report – 1

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