Fun Zone – don’t miss it

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(Note: The pictures shown here are copied from various sources and author doesn’t claim any ownership in any form.)


2 Responses to “Fun Zone – don’t miss it”

  1. Ajay Sharma Says:

    Hi Friends,

    By showing the comparison you have definately brought something which everybody is already aware off.But still a good job.the problem is we all understand such things and infact even show concern but donot have the courage to bring the much required “change”.
    i believe all this can be change only if we change our mindset.which will never happen.Why?
    Because Indian’s are like such’s a Racial problem.
    However it doesn’t mean that we should not even try.important is not to achieve what you want but to follow the right path.
    “Dyar ae jaur me rasta hai ak he warna ,kise pasand tha ali dil ke sair ae dar kare”

    Ajay Sharma.

  2. Vinaya Singh Says:

    Dear Ajay,

    I think your comments were intended for the article “Analysis of Results of UP Elections – 2007” but it was placed here. I moved it there.

    I appreciate you for you comments and suggestions. S. N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is working on your concerns and it is in continued dialogue with political parties, lok-sevaks and public. The Society needs support from people like you.

    Thanks & Regards,

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