Programs and projects handled by the Society currently

S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is looking for help from the people to encourage us to carry on revolution of removing corruption from India and in this process we are reaching each and every individual we know. Our aim is to popularize the movement to the public by any means.

Our communications in any form e.g. e-mails, postal, phones, faxes, trainings, speeches etc. were primarily meant for providing information (means giving something) to our people on how to improve life of our fellow Indians. S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is involved in gathering people of mindset of not thinking to benefit but make sacrifices for the welfare of India, as our freedom fighters did in past. It is very difficult task and S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is not sure how much it could be successful in achieving this.

Any kind of ideas from you are very useful to us and we will certainly incorporate in Society’s agenda. You are most welcome to provide your comments and criticisms at Society’s site and we will take them positively to improve our shortcomings. We are looking for people to become the part of this Society. Any of your schemes on reform of UP will be added in Society’s priorities.

S.N. Singh Welfare & Education Society is not in favor or against of any party but it wants its objectives to be met, no matter what, or whoever rules the UP. So, we are reaching to government and recommending measures to transform UP into Uttam Pradesh. It seems our efforts are making some effect.

We are looking for people and need them to support us on our mission to “Bhrastachar Mitao, UP Bachao“. Just, we need you to watch for the people involved in corruption and try to bring them to law. Also, you may want to spread this word to our fellow Indians to check the corruption and find ways to punish them with help of authorities.

If anyone unearths any kind of corruption anywhere in UP and bring the corrupted person to the law, the Society will reward and felicitate him/her. With that, the name of person who unearths the corruption will published at the Society’s site ( in golden words providing also the details of corruption case and other. The rewarded amount will vary based on the size of corruption. The reward and certificate will be mailed, if awardees couldn’t be able to attend the function solely organized for their felicitation.

Programs and projects handled by the Society currently:

  1. Members of society are involved in training the citizens of UP in selected villages on their rights and meaning of franchising their votes. Members use the materials available at site for making villagers aware that the government is there to serve them but not to rule them. They need to demand the services from lok-sevaks and if they find humiliation or demands undermined by lok-sevaks, they want to fight back. Members also teach villagers to vote the right person in election and ask him/her to provide quality democratic services such as:

    after winning the elections.

  2. Members are campaigning to mobilize citizens of UP to work against the corruption. The Society’s currently biggest mission is to “Bharastachar Mitao, UP Bachao (remove corruption, save UP)”. There is lot of materials available at on how to handle corruption and members are adapting those. Anyone from selected villages can report their problems or complaints on corruption cases to Society’s block level executive committee and it will try to resolve the problem with the help of Block level government officials. If the Block level governments’ officials will not co-operate or unable to solve the problems, the complaints will be escalated to Taluk level Society’s executive committee and it will try to resolve with the help of Taluk level lok-sevaks (sub divisional magistrate, Tahasildar, circle officer etc.). Incase of Taluk level officers fail to resolve the problems; they are escalated to Society’s District level executive committee. District level executive committee works with district level lok-sevaks (DM, SP, Chief Development Officer etc.) and tries to resolve the problem. There is Commissionery level executive committee to resolve the problem, if it is unresolved at district level and finally the Society’s state level executive committee is involved, if problem can’t be resolved at any level. The Society’s state executive committee works with state level lok-sevaks (Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers, Directorate General of Police, Chief Secretary etc.) to get the solution of the problem.
  3. Each level of Society’s executive committee employs people to provide free education to children who can’t afford education. Our first program on education is to provide free of cost English classes to children of grades 1-5 in selected villages where English is not compulsory. This program is based on Society’s Languages ( objective. The children between grades 1-5 are divided into two groups, beginners and advanced and they are coached by Society’s employed teachers in off-time of their schooling.
  4. Society is working on a proposal to start an Engineering College in a village of district Ballia, UP and it has finalized the land for that. It is looking or few investors to help society to fulfill this objective of Society. To see the details on Society’s development criteria, please visit at“development”-by-dr-vinaya-k-singh-phd/.
  5. Any level of executive committee of Society can propose to establish any kind of facility (schools, technical and medical institutes, hospitals, medical facilities, organization of medical camps, small scale industries, facilities to farmers, tournaments, coaching to children of grade 1-5, selecting gifted and talented to coach them) anywhere for the welfare of people and the facility can be developed once approved by the state/national level executive committee of Society.
  6. Society is involved in special drive to make as many members as possible to help support in cause of the Society. Please see above #1-5 for the members’ responsibilities. Anyone can become the member and it’s free. Members should have ideology of “not to take, but only to give” and have some time to spread the Society’s aims and goals. Members of Society will be given preferences in any jobs created by the Society.
  7. Providing financial help to needy in selected villages.
  8. Organizing conferences and seminars time to time to discuss the objectives of Society and ways for their implementations. Conferences and seminars are open to everyone and costs of boarding, lodging and arrangements are borne by the Society. The members of Society are also paid for their fair and other expenses spent in attending the congregations.

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