Tips for a Quality Leadership

1.      No Fear but Fear Itself: Don’t have any fear. Fear should fear because of you.

2.      Embrace Failure: Don’t worry about failures. Take it courageously.

3.      Become A Believer: Believe in yourselves. You can do anything. Nothing is impossible.

4.      Take Some Risks: Don’t hesitate taking risks. Risk is a key to success.

5.      Don’t Follow The Crowd: Go your own way. Let the crowd follow you.

6.      Lead by example: The saying of “Do as I say not as I do” does not work for a leader. “Do as I do” is the quality of a leader. If you are corrupt, you can say others not to be corrupt.

7.      Focus on the solution: Sometimes we get so wrapped up on what the problem is, who we should punish or who is to blame, we forget to work on a solution to the problem. “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit” (Arnold H. Glasgow). 

8.      Take personal responsibility: When things go wrong, don’t put the blame on your team.

9.      Share the glory: This can be a very difficult characteristic to follow since we like to be recognized for doing a good job.

10.  Understand team dynamics: You need to learn to observe the behavior of your team members.  Learn what their strengths and weaknesses are.

11.  Master in communication: You must learn to listen to what is said, and what isn’t, to make sure your message is understood. 

12.  Manage Ego: Ego is disease in itself. Try to dissolve and don’t become egoistic. Think you as server and others are looking for your services.

13. Control Anger:  Anger is borne because of fear. Don’t let anger control you.

  • Avoid over sensuality.
  • Avoid revenge, hate and hatred. Avoid mugging up stress.
  • Don’t be perfectionist: Inability to accept errors & mistakes of self and others, non-compromising behavior, inability to cope up with failure and longing for success in all and everything etc. creates tension.
  • Avoid looking for the negatives in yourself and others.
  • As soon as you are in control withdraw yourself from the situation to avoid irreparable or irreversible damage to self, others, relationships, and the environment.
  • You may want or expect others to behave on one way or other and they may do the reverse. This might have made you angry. Don’t allow expectations to translate into anger.
  • Take criticizing of your work in constructive way. Don’t let criticizing of you land into anger.

14.  Control Jealous: Always boost the performers and never allow jealous to spoil others career. Learn why you jealous and workout to dissolve it. Always appreciate the appreciatable. Appreciation is one for which you don’t need to pay anything and you can do it loosing nothing. So, don’t be miserable or hesitant in appreciating the appreciative one. It may help appreciative to repeat the nice and good work.

15.  Adjustable Tolerance: You should tolerate the thinks based on situations. Sometimes you may want to have zero tolerance but sometimes more.

16.    Good Analyzer and Decision Maker: You should analyze the problems and work on options before taking any decisions. You need to be a good analyzer to take a prompt and quick decision.

17. Be Humble and Polite:  You should always consider yourself as server and not a boss. Also, be prepared to sacrifice.


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